Alan McElroy is an award winning Comedian*, Actor**, Host/MC, Writer & Quiz Supreme Leader*** & is currently nailing writing in the third person. He (me) has performed Edinburgh Fringe, Electric Picnic (Ireland),
Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide & Dunedin Fringe and has had sold out shows in the NZ International Comedy Festival, earning 4 & 5 stars all along the way He (me again) has hosted on live TV in Ireland & NZ and warmed the audiences of NZ’s most popular TV shows. He has also used asterisks**** to explain some stuff...Which are explained at the bottom of the page

ASTERISKS EXPLAINED *It was New Zealand Comedy Guild Best Newcomer 2011, he has won nothing since.
**A lot of acting in adverts, loads of adverts and also on stage & in a film called ‘6 Days’ with that Billy Elliot lad, set to be released in 2016
***Kimmy has to share it, it's a great title
**** Asterisks are these little star yokes, not to be confused with the Gaulish warrior, Asterix